Best Dressed Snack


I’ve never been one who thought I was stuck in the past. But over a year ago, discussions began regarding new packaging for my beloved Brownie BrittleTM baby. Why would we recreate something people love already? I heard no complaints or concerns so I was very resistant. Other experts around me had to hold my hand and sometimes drag me into understanding that new packaging was precisely what we needed. So while I’ve never considered myself a fashion diva, I feel like our new packaging might just win a fashion award for best dressed snack.

One of my favorite parts of this whole change is that when I was feeling most resistant to it, I reached
out to you, our Brittle Nation, to provide feedback on what packaging you liked most. And I heard your voices loud and clear. There was an overwhelming favorite, and that’s the one that was selected. So, pat yourselves on the back for coming up with such a great design. Well done!

Our packaging is just beginning to hit store shelves, so you should start really seeing it in September and October. And because I love to add the unexpected into the mix, the new mid-sized bags are 25% larger than the old. The old ones were 4oz and now they’re 5oz for the same price. You know Sheila G loves a bargain!

The new packaging has been described as radiant, rich, like gift wrapping, art-deco and more. And I agree with all of those things. You guys are great designers. What a difference. And there are new case boxes and displays coming out as well. It’s all truly exciting. This has me thinking now about what’s next…new flavors, perhaps? Oh, definitely! Watch for these in 2015! Maybe I should be asking you what those flavors should be!

Check out our updated website, and be sure to tell us what you think on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – tag us @browniebrittle and use #AnyReason. As we like to say, “Any Reason is a Good Reason!”

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