Brownie Brittle Goes Snack to School!

It’s Back to School time.  Or as Team Brownie Brittle prefers to call it…Snack to School.

I know when it’s Back to School time because our offices fill up with loads of kids.  When summer camps end but school hasn’t started, many of the parents in our offices need a place for their kids to go.  Enter Camp Brownie Brittle.

My travel schedule doesn’t allow me to participate in all of Camp Brownie Brittle (thank goodness! LOL).  But on the days I do get to participate, I see everything from artwork in creation and movie watching, to wrestling, video game playing and even riding big wheels.  You sometimes take your life in your own hands when you need to walk to the kitchen or even the bathroom.  A lifeguard or referee might be a good addition next summer.  At Camp Brownie Brittle, you can can experience it all.

I love their creativity and their passion, but most of all, their ENERGY.  These kids have it in spades.  They’re growing up and embarking on new and exciting adventures, and I’m thrilled for them.  And I’m also thrilled to give our hard working Moms (and Dads) some peace of mind, knowing they don’t need to stress over what to do about that gap in child care.

This year, I’m watching my own oldest granddaugher entering her senior year in high school while my youngest graddaughter is entering Kindergarten.

To all of our fans who are heading Back to School yourselves or involved with helping someone else head Back to School, we wish for you a year filled with learning, laughter and lots of appreciation for our teachers and administrators.

And in honor of what we call “Snack to School” time, we’re discounting all products online by 30% thru August 18th.  Just enter Snack30 at checkout and click “apply.”  Feel free to share the discount with all your friends and family.

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brownieBrownie Brittle Goes Snack to School!