A Brownie Brittle™ Halloween

Happy Halloween!  The dressing up is ok, but let’s call it like it is…candy is my motivation!  It’s fun to go to the store and just look at all the varieties of candy.  The colors, the packaging, the brand new varieties.  My all-time favorites revolve around white chocolate.  I’m hooked!

In my neighborhood, we don’t generally have trick-or-treaters, but Team Brownie Brittle will be handing out our brand new 2-oz. bags of Brownie Brittle in many area neighborhoods (if you’re in Palm Beach County). I also heard a rumor that a few of our employees are going to dress up in costume at the office, so watch for pictures!

Best Chocolate Brownies

On the costume side, one of my favorite Halloweens was when I was at my old corporate job years ago (the job where I was laid off that ultimately lead me to start my own company).  Employees in our company had decided we were going to dress up for Halloween.  A dear friend, Barb Riley (who just recently joined Team Brownie Brittle as Brand Marketing Manager), and I went back and forth taunting each other bragging about how great our costumes were, but neither of us would divulge what we were going to be.  We wanted that element of extreme surprise.  I knew I had Barb on this one.  My costume was brilliant.  I couldn’t wait for her to arrive.  Then in she bounced…wearing the identical costume to me.  WHAT???!!  Yep…two nuns!

Cookie Brownies and Then Some

After the laughter subsided, Barb and I felt like we were channeling Whoopi Goldberg, so we had the need to take our “Sister Act” to the streets.  The bank, to be specific.  We hopped in my Miata convertible and cranked up the song Requiem for a Dream from Phantom of the Opera so we could REALLY feel the impact of having our habits flopping in the wind (warning…use extreme caution because habits can quickly get out of control at higher rates of speed).  We shocked plenty of onlookers as we made our way and acted out our roles.  Barb topped off the day by showcasing her “Sister” hood character.  She broke out a ruler repeatedly striking it against her hand asking the bank employees if any of the customers had been misbehaving.  The entire bank had a great laugh.

If you have great costumes or trick-or-treat pictures, please share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.  And we might just have to hand out a case of Brownie Brittle to anyone who dresses up like Sheila G and posts a photo 😀

And if you’re looking for a great recipe for Halloween, try this one from our friends at Florida Dairy Farmers – It’s our recipe of the month.  It’s a Brittle Dirt Cup just in time for Halloween.

Cookie Brownies - Best Chocolate Brownies

Have a safe and Happy Halloween filled with plenty of Brownie Brittle treats

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