Chocolate Dipped and “Brittled” Strawberries
• 4 oz Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle
• Large ripe strawberries (2 dozen)
• Semi-sweet baking chocolate or white chocolate

Additional Ingredients:
• Coconut flakes
• Chopped peanuts
• Chopped almonds
• Chopped pistachios
(As Sheila G always says…Use your imagination!)
To Prepare:
Rinse and fully dry all strawberries and set aside (chocolate will not stick to wet fruit). Separately, place the Brownie Brittle into a food processor and grind until it’s the consistency of a course powder (you can also do this by hand). Set your Brownie Brittle “crush” aside in a bowl. Melt the baking chocolate according to the package directions. Begin dipping your strawberries into the melted chocolate allowing excess chocolate to drip off. Wait 30-seconds then roll the chocolate coated strawberry into the coarsely ground Brownie Brittle. Roll the strawberry in a 2nd ingredient if desired. Lay dipped strawberries onto a baking sheet (line with wax or parchment paper for easy removal) and place in refrigerator. Chill and serve (best if served within two days of “brittling”).