My Favorite Bake Sale


Photo by Michael Simon

It’s Pediatric Cancer Awareness month.  If ever there were two words that should NEVER be in the same sentence together, they are “pediatric” and “cancer.”  And the fact that there is a month dedicated to the awareness of kids and cancer tells you just how far we still have to go.  That’s why this blog is dedicated to our unrelenting commitment to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, founded by Gretchen and Larry Witt.

This month, Team Brownie Brittle and I were thrilled to roll up our sleeves to support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer with a bake sale in Los Angeles.   And we weren’t alone.  We were lucky enough to co-host the Bake Sale with celebrity Jaime King.

It was clear from the moment I met Jaime King that she felt a huge connection to this cause, even bringing her own toddler son (who is too cute for words) and husband along.  Jaime had injured her leg recently while on set filming and was in such pain, but she didn’t let that stop her (in high heels no less – amazing) from giving everything she could to make this a successful event.  She is a trooper!

We’re so grateful to have raised thousands of dollars thanks to the generosity of so many.  And, yes, I must name those people!

Rachel Krupa, the Krupa Consulting team (Julia, Melissa, etc) and Adam Cohen.  You consistently go above and beyond.  I watched you giving your all this weekend and was reminded why we’re connected. You made the weekend a huge success.  Adam – special thanks to you again as you are the one who first introduced me to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, and I’m eternally grateful for that.

And thanks to Jenna Helton and her boyfriend’s family who worked non-stop at this event.  We needed the help and are extremely grateful.

Manouschka Guerrier (an outstanding chef) and her support team outdid themselves! These are students in the Careers in Culinary Arts Program (CCAP, headquartered at Colt’s Kitchen in Carson, CA).  Not only were their hearts in the right place, but their cookies were phenomenal.  So much dedication and deliciousness came out of this team!

And I must thank Gretchen and Larry Witt.  Through the loss of your own dear son, Liam, you were put on a path to help save and extend the lives of thousands of children stricken with cancer.   You’ve allowed mothers and fathers the opportunity to hold onto their dreams for their own children, keeping them healthier and giving them chances that weren’t possible only a few short years ago.  You are angels among us along with Bella and Liam.  Love Like Liam and Live Like Bella.  And I am personally grateful to be able to create this legacy for my stepson Scott who lost his battle with a latent form of pediatric cancer in 2012.  Gretchen, you and Larry are the heart and soul of this organization and we are thrilled to be your partners on this journey.


You can support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer in a variety of ways, from purchasing products on their site, hosting your own bake sales, attending a bake sale in your area, or by purchasing our products.  You will see in our newly redesigned packaging that we prominently display the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer logo on the backs of all of our bags.  Our goal is to raise awareness and dollars with our $100,000 annual commitment to this amazing organization.

I know you are ALL #GoodCookies!



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