Someone asked me why I love Valentine’s Day so much.  I can sum it up in one word. CHOCOLATE!!!  On this day, chocolate = love!  Any day where I can express my love with chocolate might as well be called Sheila G’s day.  And this year, as always, I will be making heart shaped brownies for my family.

Not every Valentine’s Day was so wonderful.  Back in the early 90’s when I started my little brownie business we used to make tins and platters filled with our rich dense gourmet brownies which were delivered locally and shipped all over the country.  It was on our first Valentine’s Day that I came up with the idea of making heart shaped brownies. We would create them by using a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut the brownies out of the pan. It was a long and tedious process.  And the problem was – Valentine’s Day was just one day – and a crazy, busy one. The first year I was completely overwhelmed and needed to bring in reinforcements.  These reinforcements came in the form of three adolescents – my kids.  Devin, Rachael and Scott came to my rescue, climbing out of their warm beds at 4:30am just to help me make up dozens upon dozens of platters and tins.  Just cutting them out of the pans was exhausting – but we made sure every order was filled and delivered.  And those kids never complained.  Talk about showing your LOVE on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day also carries a lot of wonderful memories for me.  I remember one of my all-time favorite Valentine’s gifts was a handmade card from my son, Devin, when he was just 2 years old.  He is my firstborn (now in his mid-30s) and I knew when I got that card – no matter how many cards I received before and after it – THAT one would always be the most special.  I still have it and love looking at it.

Now I celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out to dinner with my husband Harry.  Every year, we spoil ourselves by going to one of our favorite “special occasion” dinner spots – just the two of us.  And Harry always picks out the most beautiful cards.  The words inside seem to just say it all and I’m reminded of how blessed I am to have such an amazing man in my life.  I’ve saved every single card he’s given me.

This year, with as much traveling as I often do, I’m just grateful to be home for Valentine’s Day.



P.S.  Check out our Valentine’s Day Cookie recipe made with Mint Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle™ and chocolate mousse filling…so good!


brownieLove and CHOCOLATE!